KENDYL JOI was born in Dallas, Texas and graduated from Booker T. Washington Arts Magnet as a Theater Major. She then attained her B.F.A from the University of Minnesota-Guthrie Theater Acting Training Program where she was a member of the first graduating class. She spent time in London, England at the British Dramatic Academy of Arts and the Royal National Theater honing her craft on stage. She also spent time in Cape Town, South Africa studying Dramatic Writing. She received graduating Honors from the Vancouver Film School in British Columbia and holds a M.A. in Educational Psychology from Pepperdine University. Education has always been a great passion for Kendyl who models after her mother, Ora Watson, Ph.D. who has been prominent and influential in the field of education for years. When Kendyl is not acting, she acts as an Educational Consultant developing her own curriculum and mentoring young children. She regularly teaches them drama, music, art, dance, reading and math.

Throughout Kendyl’s career on stage, she’s managed to share an IVEY award for “best emotional impact theater” in Minneapolis for a show called Sez She where she is one of the original cast members. She’s also been acknowledged as “Best New Face” in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. She has graced the screen in shows like Life, Miami Medical and Love That Girl. Her most recent victory is writing, producing and performing her own One Woman Show called, WAKE ME UP where she also wrote, sang and co-produced original music titled Wake Me Up, Drink My Consciousness, Hair Blues, and Lace Front for Kids. The future is bright for Kendyl as an artist, educator and business owner. She's faith driven and determined to be exemplary for all people, young and old, on and off screen. So be sure to stay tuned, there’s a whole lot more to see!

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